Q. What age range is the family class suitable for?

A. As most training is carried out within own family unit classes are suitable for a wide age group. To ensure training is relevant and accessible for all children, recommended age is 5-10.

Q. Can I leave my child to train on their own?

A. No. Your child will remain your responsibility whilst they are training, you will train together with them for the majority of the lesson and will need to be present throughout.

Q. Can I bring more than one child?

A. Absolutely, although if you are bringing more than two children we would ask that an additional parent/guardian participates too.

Q. Will my child get hurt/injured?

A. Whilst significant injury is very rare at our classes any physical activity carries a risk, as parents we understand that a fine line exists between balancing this risk and promoting healthy development. Whilst I can give no assurances, I would say that on balance the risk of injury at our classes is no higher than playing on playground equipment in the park.

Q. What should we wear for training?

A. Anything you feel comfortable training in that provides free, uninhibited movement. For safety all jewelry must be removed prior to training.

Q. Can an additional parent/guardian stay to watch?

A. (After all covid restrictions have ceased) Yes this is fine.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.