More than a Martial Art...

Holistically Complete Health & Combat

Mindful Movement & Mobility - Breath & Body Work


Inclusive, fun and friendly classes

Develop highly effective self-defence skills

Improve physical and mental health

Foster a strong spirit, strengthen confidence, resilience and determination

Achieve lower levels of stress and tension


Wednesdays 7.30pm to 9pm

*New* Starting soon!

Town Centre Location - contact us for more information


Thursdays 7.20pm to 9.20pm

September to May:

Stevenage Leisure Centre

Lytton Way



May to September:

Great outdoor location in a queit park near Lister Hospital...

*click for map*


Mondays 7.30pm to 9pm

Memorial Hall

11A Church Lane


SG19 2EU


Hear from some of our students....

Systema has unique breathing methods to help you remain calm and deal with your fear. I highly recommend Systema for self-defence!

Don Barrett
Ex Special Forces Soldier

I have trained in a number of martial arts over the years but have found Systema to be the most open, honest and effective method.

Chris Williams
Personal Trainer

I am still continually amazed by the breadth and depth of the material taught in class.

Mir Ali



Class atmosphere, ethos, in a word it could be best described as welcoming!
People from all walks life training together in the spirit of respect and mutual support. Indeed no one would be out of place in a systema class, its the kind environment where a power lifter might train with a ballerina and both would gain something from the experience.

Ryan Davis
Systema practitioner, Counsellor/psychotherapist, MBCT/MBSR Mindfulness instructor,
ex International utra runner.