Regular classes in Stevenage.

*New - Cambridge Class coming soon!*

  • Inclusive, fun and friendly classes.

  • Develop highly effective self-defence skills.

  • Improve physical and mental health.

  • Foster a strong spirit, strengthern resilience and determination.

  • Acheive lower levels of stress and tension.

  And train with our friends close by:

   Robert Poyton - Cutting Edge Systema (North Beds)

   Ed Philips - East Midlands Systema (Leicester)


Hear from some of our students....

Systema has unique breathing methods to help you remain calm and deal with your fear. I highly recommend Systema for self-defence!

Don Barrett
Ex Special Forces Soldier

I have trained in a number of martial arts over the years but have found Systema to be the most open, honest and effective method.

Chris Williams
Personal Trainer

I am still continually amazed by the breadth and depth of the material taught in class.

Mir Ali