Available for individuals, small groups or families in 

Stevenage or Wrestlingworth (Bedfordshire).

*Also available online*

Tailored to your needs; fast-track your learning under expert guidance.

Gareth has been training in martial arts since 1999 and teaching for more than ten years. In this time he has taught everyone from office workers and tradespeople to police, prison officers and militarily personnel.

Able to cover any/all aspects of Systema including:

  • Self-defence

  • Health improvement - physical/mental

  • Stress/fear management

  • Movement and mobility

  • Systema massage

Contact Gareth for further information:

07933 233606 /


Training in Systema with Gareth has enabled me to achieve things I didn’t think were possible only a few months ago.


Gareth is a very skilled and experienced practitioner/instructor who is both patient and intuitive, his teaching manner conveys genuine interest in his student's development. It is clear that instead of working from a text book/syllabus Gareth tailors instruction to the individual and their needs. I would say from experience that he reads his students and creatively meets them where they are.

Ryan Davis
Systema practitioner, Counsellor/psychotherapist, MBCT/MBSR Mindfulness instructor,
ex International utra runner.