Systema has enabled me to recover from stubborn injury's that have plagued me for years enabling new levels of freedom in my movement and thinking that I never thought were possible. 

As a seasoned ultra runner competing in 50+ mile events including multiple stage desert races, I learned to dig deep push though, only half listening to my body, hence injury's and miles/years of frustration. 

Systema develops habits of health, awareness and care. Powerful habits that have bought me relief from physical injuries, improved my posture and my ability to manage daily stressors. My work life and relationships have greatly benefited as a result!

Class atmosphere, ethos, in a word it could be best described as welcoming!

People from all walks life training together in the spirit of respect and mutual support. Indeed no one would be out of place in a systema class, its the kind environment where a power lifter might train with a ballerina and both would gain something from the experience 


Gareth is a very skilled and experienced practitioner/instructor who is both patient and intuitive, his teaching manner conveys genuine interest in his student's development. 

It is clear that instead of working from a text book/syllabus Gareth tailors instruction to the individual and their needs. I would say from experience that he reads his students and creatively meets them where they are, finding the best way to bring understanding of the particular teaching point, in affect the teaching becomes alive in the student experience. 

Ryan Davis
Systema practitioner, Counsellor/psychotherapist, MBCT/MBSR Mindfulness instructor,
ex International utra runner.